Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research

Dahdaleh Institute
for Global Health Research

The Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research is committed to effectiveness, excellence and equity in global health.

At the Dahdaleh Institute, we conduct research, teach and form partnerships to address 21st century global health challenges. Led by Dr. James Orbinski, our researchers carry out projects in three areas: Global Health & Humanitarianism, Planetary Health and Global Health Foresighting.

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Dahdaleh Global Health Network

The Dahdaleh Global Health Network is our ambition to foster a transdisciplinary global health community. It encompasses everyone who engages with the Dahdaleh Institute and anyone with an interest in global health.
The Dahdaleh Network connects members through our listserv, an e-mail list through which members share global health news, opportunities, events, publications and more; and social media interactions, particularly on Twitter.
It is free to join and open to everyone.

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