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Byomkesh Talukder - Ecological Indicators

Energy efficiency of agricultural systems in the southwest coastal zone of Bangladesh Abstract Indicators for energy-use efficiency and levels of CO2 emissions were used to evaluate and compare a range of agricultural systems in coastal Bangladesh in order to identify the most energy efficient system. Using data collected by the authors, five different food production […]

Byomkesh Talukder - Resources

Developing Composite Indicators for Agricultural Sustainability Assessment: Effect of Normalization and Aggregation Techniques Abstract The assessment of the sustainability of agricultural systems is multidimensional in nature and requires holistic measures using indicators with different measurements and units reflecting social, economic, and environmental aspects. To simplify the assessment process, various indicators have different units, and measurements […]

DIGHR Lunch & Learn - Rhonda Ferguson

“Exploring Possibilities of a Humanitarian Tax on Arms Transfers” In this Lunch and Learn, Dr. Rhonda Ferguson will present an overview of an ongoing research project that looks at the feasibility of generating revenue to fund humanitarian crises through an international tax on arms transfers. It will explore some of the ethical, practical, and legal […]

President's Sustainability Council Seminar Series; On thin ice: Are lakes feeling the heat?

President's Sustainability Council Seminar Series On thin ice: Are lakes feeling the heat? Professor Sapna Sharma Date: November 29th 2018 Location: Bergeron Centre 211 Time: 12:00 PM Abstract: Lakes are warming around the world in response to a changing climate, including warmer water temperatures and shorter ice duration.  Lake ice is at risk of becoming extinct in thousands of […]

EcoHealth Course - Spend Reading Week in Costa Rica!

Advanced Topics in Environment and Health (ENVS4800) Instructor: Martin Bunch Course dates: February 16-24, 2019 Course is open to undergraduate (3rd & 4th year) and graduate students During the 2019 Reading Week, the Faculty of Environmental Studies will offer an intensive “Ecohealth” course at York’s Las Nubes EcoCampus in Costa Rica. In this course students will explore ecosystem management, […]

DIGHR Lunch & Learn - Matt Arnold

“Large scale surface water treatment and supply in a refugee camp – experiences from Northern Uganda, 2017” PRESENTER: Matthew Arnold,, Water Engineering Research Assistant @ DIGHR DATE: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 TIME: 12:00-1pm RSVP:

Launch of the 2018 Canada-specific Lancet Countdown Report

RSVP: #LancetClimate18 From wildfires to heat emergencies climate change is the greatest threat to health today. Join Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change Canadian Policy Brief authors, Drs. Courtney Howard and James Orbinski as they reveal top Canadian climate-health challenges and recommendations for a healthy response to climate change. The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on […]