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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dahdaleh Global Health Network is our ambition to foster a transdisciplinary global health community


Learn more about participating in the Dahdaleh Network with the FAQ below. If you still have questions, please email with "Dahdaleh Network" in the Subject line.


General Information

What is the Dahdaleh Global Health Network?

The Dahdaleh Global Health Network (Dahdaleh Network) is our ambition to foster a transdisciplinary global health community. It encompasses everyone who engages with the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research and anyone with an interest in global health.
The Dahdaleh Institute engages people of diverse disciplinary and professional backgrounds, including global health researchers & practitioners, data scientists, students, designers, doctors, ethicists, finance specialists, environmental activists, lawyers, filmmakers, engineers, computer scientists and more.
The Dahdaleh Network connects members through the Dahdaleh Global Health Network listserv, an e-mail list through which members share global health news, opportunities, events, publications and more; and social media interactions, particularly on Twitter.
It is free to join and open to everyone.
You can sign up at the bottom of this page.

I don't consider myself very involved in global health. Can I still join?

Yes! We are a community, not a club.
The Dahdaleh Network is meant to connect people from very different disciplinary and professional backgrounds. That includes seasoned global health researchers and practitioners, but also many who are interested in the connections between their primary field of work/study and global health.
Maybe you studied global health, but are not working in it at the moment; maybe you just heard of global health yesterday and want to learn more; maybe you're starting to make connections between your research and global health. The Dahdaleh Network is happy to have you!
You can sign up at the bottom of this page.

How do I change my information?

To change your information, please email with the details of the change.
Please include “Dahdaleh Network” in the Subject line.



What is a Listserv?

A Listserv is an email mailing list that makes it easy for everyone on the list to send messages to everyone else. Unlike an e-newsletter, the emails do not come only from the person or organization who put the list together.
It also includes an archive of all the emails sent out.

What are best practices when participating in the Listserv?

The Dahdaleh Network includes people from many different backgrounds. It’s a great opportunity for transdisciplinary information-sharing, but can also make it challenging to send content that is of interest to everyone, or even most people, on the list. All the emails can also clog up people’s inboxes.
To make the Listserv as beneficial as possible:

  • Keep your emails short (ideally under 40 words; max. 100 words). Where possible, include a link or attachment with more information
  • Attachments need be smaller than 2MB (under 1MB preferred)
  • Send max. 3 messages/week
  • Send content that you think is potentially of interest to everyone/most people on the list (see What kind of content should I send out on the Listserv?)
  • Include a Subject line

What kind of content should I send out on the Listserv?

The Listserv is a great opportunity for & resource of transdisciplinary information-sharing. You can send information about global health opportunities, events and publications; calls to action; global health news; a question, etc.
If you want to send information out that isn’t obviously related to global health or the Dahdaleh Institute’s three research themes, you can:

  • Include a short message explaining what the connection is to global health
  • Write who might be interested in the Subject line (ex. “Attn Designers: article on new information design practices) 

If you still think the Listserv is not an appropriate way to share a piece of information, you can tweet it or post it on facebook and tag @DIGHR_YorkU (twitter) or DIGHR.YorkU (facebook).

How do I send an email to the Listserv?

Only subscribers can send an email to the Listserv.
To send an email to everyone on the Listserv, send your email to:
The email will automatically go out to the Listserv. You will receive an email confirmation that it was sent out successfully.
The ability to send out emails can be revoked at the discretion of the Dahdaleh Institute. This may happen if:

  • You violate best practices too often or too severely
  • You promote points of view in direct opposition to the values and approach of the Dahdaleh Institute (ex. xenophobia towards immigrants, climate change denial)
  • Spam is getting sent out through your email address

You may be given the ability to send emails again after a period of time.

What are my subscription options for the Dahdaleh Network Listserv?

The default for new Listserv subscribers is to receive each email as they are sent out. Other subscription options are:
Weekly digest: one email with the content of all the emails sent out that week
Daily index: one email with a summary of emails sent that day, and the option to view emails in full
Read-only: you will not receive any emails, but can access the archives and send emails to the Listserv
To change your setting, send an email to:
In the body of the email, include the Command that corresponds to the subscription option you want. The Command needs to be exactly as written below. Do not include any other content (ex. your signature). Do not include a subject line.

Subscription option
Digest SET dahdaleh-network DIGESTS
Cancel digest and receive each email as they come SET dahdaleh-network NODIGESTS
Index SET dahdaleh-network INDEX
Cancel index and receive each email as they come SET dahdaleh-network NOINDEX
Read-Only SET dahdaleh-network NOMAIL
Unsubscribe SIGNOFF dahdaleh-network
Subscribe (this only needs to be done if you previously unsubscribed and want to subscribe again) JOIN dahdaleh-network Firstname Lastname


How do I access the Listserv archives?

An archive of emails sent through the Dahdaleh Network Listserv is found at:

Can non-members subscribe to the Listserv?

No. The Listserv is for members only. Fortunately, it is very easy to become a member; it is free and open to everyone. You can signup at the bottom of this page.

Where can I learn more about Listservs?

York University provides a Quick Start Guide for Listserv subscribers. Access it here:


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