Vic Neufeld, BA, MD, MA, FRCPC

Vic Neufeld, BA, MD, MA, FRCPC

Global Health Advisor (Alum)

Dr. Neufeld is a physician, educator and international consultant who recently moved to Victoria B.C. Over a period of more than 25 years, he held various academic leadership positions at McMaster University. He has served as a consultant and advisor to many international agencies, organizations and institutions. Currently he is a Special Advisor to the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research, an organization of which he was the founding National Coordinator. [See: ]. He is an adjunct professor at several Canadian universities, including York University. At the request of the DIGHR, Prof. Neufeld recently conducted a “mapping” exercise on The Health Impacts of Climate Change. This review included an “opportunity analysis” related to countries where the DIGHR is active or interested, namely: Bangladesh, Malawi, Costa Rica, and the Caribbean. Also included was a concluding synthesis with ideas for consideration by the DIGHR’s program theme on Planetary Health.
His interests include:

  • capacity development for health system reform with a special interest in strengthening national health research systems and leadership development;
  • promoting a stronger role for Canada in investing and becoming involved in health research in low and middle-income countries;


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