Transdisciplinary Research: emergence of new perspectives, insights and tools by working across academic disciplines and involving non-academic participants as equal partners.

Global Health in the 21st century is characterized by complexity, connectedness, turbulence, and adaptability. It is a constellation of economic, environmental, political, social, technological and demographic phenomena. The Dahdaleh Institute focuses these huge concerns through three research themes and with a clear priority: the ethical application of transdisciplinary research.


Research takes place under three research themes:

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Global Health & Humanitarianism

We work to improve clinical public health effectiveness of humanitarian response through scientific research, technological innovation, and critical perspectives which speak to the realities of contemporary humanitarian policy and practice.

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Planetary Health

Planetary Health research calls urgent attention to the symbiotic relationship between human and biospheric wellbeing and catalyses action to address the health impacts of breaking ecological limits.

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Global Health Foresighting

Global Health Foresighting proactively imagines the global health we want and works intentionally towards it.

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