Global Health & Humanitarianism

Global Health & Humanitarianism

The Dahdaleh Institute’s commitment to humanitarianism is fuelled by the understanding that we are all implicated in the political, economic and environmental decisions that cause large-scale suffering. The Dahdaleh Institute offers itself as a problem-solving platform for on-the-ground challenges facing the humanitarian sector as well as a place from which to closely examine the sector’s history, governance, and practices.

We work in two directions:

  1. Improve the public health effectiveness of humanitarian response through scientific research and technological innovation
  2. Understand the root causes of large-scale suffering and the role of the humanitarian sector in addressing it

Collaborate with us

The Dahdaleh Institute aims to have real, significant impact in humanitarian practice, a goal which compels us to partner with those in the field and start from the questions they ask.

How we work

Organizations or individuals working in the humanitarian field identify an operational challenge that is beyond their current capacity to address. Drawing on in-house expertise and bringing on additional partners, we collaboratively build innovative and practical solutions, and see the projects through to implementation.

Problem-Solving In Action

For examples of problem-solving projects carried out in partnership with operational organizations, see Chemical Water Quality & Malnourished Child Health, Health Emergency Data Science, and Safe Water Optimization Tool.

Reach Out

If you work in the humanitarian sector and are facing an operational challenge, we want to hear from you. Contact Global Health & Humanitarianism Research Fellow Syed Imran Ali with the form below to introduce yourself and include a brief description of your challenge.


Your message will go directly to Global Health & Humanitarianism Research Fellow Syed Imran Ali.