Insight at "Embodied Ecological Heritage" Seminar

Insight at "Embodied Ecological Heritage" Seminar

February 4, 2020

Baines lecture

On January 22, 2020, guest lecturer Dr. Kristina Baines shared her work on Embodied Ecological Heritage in a seminar co-presented with the Department of Anthropology. Her visit was featured by CUNY Guttman CC.

Through a framework of Embodied Ecological Heritage, Dr. Baines discussed how communities and individuals communicate and measure health as part of everyday ecological activities, which they describe as ‘traditional’ or ‘heritage’ practices. Theorizing unexpected links and feedback loops, which cross temporal, spatial, and social boundaries, she asserts that health is connected to practice through tangible, embodied experience and that ethnography thus provides powerful evidence to understand and define it.

Dr. Baines is an Assistant Professor at CUNY, Guttman CC, Director of Anthropology of Cool Anthropology, and author of Embodying Ecological Heritage in a Maya Community: Health, Happiness, and Identity.

Read the Moment for the event's live-tweets.

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